Timaj Garad

Where heart meets art & art meets others as you meet yourself again

“Timaj's Stellar (R)evolution series was one of the best things that's ever happened to me as an Artist. It allowed me to not only explore my identity on this land ...but also to broaden my knowledge in different ways of storytelling.”
- Hafsa Ali


a group of four East African women sit on a red couch

Project Heartwork

Project Heartwork is a unique multi-disciplinary arts-based retreat series for young Muslimah change-makers running. The series explores community organizing and self-care through creative writing, spoken word poetry & theatre, mixed media arts, and qigong & meditation, building capacity for personal growth and sustainable change.

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Seven women standing in a circle in a room with French windows

Stellar (R)evolution

Stellar (R)evolution is an 8-part workshop series that engages black Muslimah youth ages 18-29 in exploring identity through spoken word poetry and monodrama playwriting.

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Poetic Heartwork

Poetic Heartwork

Poetic Heartwork is a 5-part workshop series that cultivates well-being by deepening creative writing and wellness practices anchored in self-love; including body, mind, emotional, and spiritual domains.

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Founder of...

The Sisters' Retreat

The Sisters’ Retreat, run by myself and Gilary Massa, creates wellness and arts-based vacation and retreat opportunities for historically marginalized women. The retreats are designed to feel safe and inclusive with an emphasis on holistic well-being and sisterhood. Our last retreat was in Panama where we successfully lead a group of Muslim women through excursions across the country, daily yoga and meditation, and my signature Tales & Tapestries poetry and performance workshop.
‍As Co-Founder & wellness program coordinator of the Women’s Wellness Retreat company,

The stage is where it all comes alive, watch my performances here