Timaj Garad
Album cover of Timaj with florals and jewels decorating face and vinyl coming out of the cover image

After 15 years performing and writing as a spoken word artist, I’m returning to my roots in music, creating music with genre-bending mix of spoken word poetry, hip hop, and rnb, soul, afrojazz, and dance. In March 2021, I released my debut EP ‘Blooming at the Mouth’.

With rich lyrical landscapes, soulful vocals, and a unique blend of singing and spoken word poetry, my music offers intimate, thought-provoking storytelling coupled with anthemic, lively hooks carrying undertones of hope. I’m now working on a second EP to be released Spring 2022.

Just let it go, unfold, unfold, unfold

“If you haven't heard this gorgeous music, do yourself a favor and go enjoy. Timaj is an outpouring of beauty, wisdom, talent and meaning” - Nada Ashkar

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