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“Timaj's Stellar (R)evolution series was one of the best things that's ever happened to me as an Artist. It allowed me to not only explore my identity on this land ...but also to broaden my knowledge in different ways of storytelling.”
- Hafsa Ali


woman writing in notebook facing a body of water

Writing our Dreams: Futurisms & Worldbuilding

A reflective creative writing workshop and discussion space that explores community care, writing, and worldbuilding through a liberatory and decolonial lens. Through poetry, narrative, and discussion, participants will explore the importance of storytelling in the work of healing ourselves and our communities.

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Writing to Heal: Grief & Community Care

Writing to Heal is a 2.5 hour workshop that explores how we can move through grief and towards community care and healing. Participants will explore what shapes their stories as well as the importance of storytelling in the work of healing and honoring loved ones. The purpose of this exploration is to deepen our awareness of our internal state, create narratives of remembrance, and healing from grief. 

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6 year old Sudanese girl kicking a ball in the park


This interactive workshop - co-created by Timaj Garad and Sakinah Hasib - explores community resilience through an inclusive and anti-oppression lens using poetry and performance. We will engage in discussions and activities that address mental health as it relates to identity, empathy, community building, and dismantling stigma. Join us to envision new ways of THRIVIN'!

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women sitting in a circle in a well-lit room writing poetry

MOVE ME Poetry: A Movement & Poetry workshop

This workshop is ideal for those who are interested in exploring a body-based approach to writing and poetry. You’ll be guided into gentle movements and writing exercises engaging the senses so that your words, poems and stories can move more purposefully through you. The MOVE ME Poetry workshop is a body positive and inclusive space, facilitating an unearthing of stories through intentional movement, sensory engagement, and poetry.

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Founder of...

The Sisters' Retreat

The Sisters’ Retreat, run by myself and Gilary Massa, creates wellness and arts-based vacation and retreat opportunities for historically marginalized women. The retreats are designed to feel safe and inclusive with an emphasis on holistic well-being and sisterhood. Our last retreat was in Panama where we successfully lead a group of Muslim women through excursions across the country, daily yoga and meditation, and my signature Tales & Tapestries poetry and performance workshop.
‍As Co-Founder & wellness program coordinator of the Women’s Wellness Retreat company,

The stage is where it all comes alive, watch my performances here