T I M A J . G A R A D
Writer . Performer . Arts Educator


An Ethiopian-Canadian multi-disciplinary Storyteller,
Arts Educator, and Creative Consultant


Timaj Garad

A diasporic Ethiopian-Canadian multi-disciplinary Storyteller, Arts Educator, and Creative Consultant, using spoken word poetry and theatre to engage individuals and communities. Her art is auto-biographical, working at the intersections of a black Muslim woman challenging injustice, unearthing truths, and healing. As an award-winning Artist and Poet, Timaj Garad has performed at over 200 events across the country and facilitated several original arts-based workshops.

In 2010, Timaj co-founded the Kitchener-Waterloo Poetry Slam (KWPS) - Kitchener-Waterloo’s first ever slam poetry organization, which is still serving and contributing to the city’s flourishing arts community today. In 2012, she was awarded the City of Waterloo’s Top 40 Under 40 award for community leadership for my work in arts-based community building. Throughout her career as a performance artist, Timaj has shared the stage with world-renowned poets such as Sonia Sanchez, Warsan Shire, Carlos Andres Gomez, and Staceyann Chin.  Timaj Garad is currently live in Toronto - her hometown - where she’s continuing her work as an Artist and Arts Educator serving the community through meaningful arts-based engagement.  She is deeply passionate about capacity-building through the arts, using critical arts education to create transform of individuals and communities.

Live from the stage/my workspace


What I offer…


Sharing my story through performance is my HEARTwork. The stage has sparked so much of what my artistic journey has become today. I believe that all positive change starts with stories. With performance, I unearth my own story, embarking on the most feared but strength-giving of human acts - vulnerability. Through staring my story and insights I intent to inspire, provide solace, provoke thought, promote healing and hope, offer creative solutions, and bring people together in a meaningful way. Above all, I hope my offerings can be a source of light and love that holds space for people to move towards their own purpose and towards each other with compassion.



These days, people are looking for a deeper connection - to passion, purpose, and community. I believe telling our authentic stories in a warm and supportive space is exactly where that begins to happen. I have always been passionately curious about how self-awareness grounded in compassion can support our well-being while creating ethical and inclusive communities.  I create spaces where voices are amplified, well-being is support, and artistic development is nurtured - manifesting the magic within us. I believe in the transformative power of stories to awaken us into our truest selves, creating a conduit to hone and share our gifts with others.


Creative Consultancy

I offer several years of arts organizing and event curation experience with a vast array of networks to cultural producers, leveraging the creative potential of others by providing guidance and resources to bring creative projects to life.


Written works

I am working on a collection of poetry to be release in 2018. Stay tuned!