T I M A J . G A R A D
Writer . Performer . Arts Educator

The Sisters' Retreat - Tales & Tapestries

As Co-Founder & wellness program coordinator of the Women’s Wellness Retreat company, The Sisters’ Retreat, I’ve designed a 5-part workshop series called Tales & Tapestries exploring resilience, well-being, storytelling and sisterhood.

What is The Sisters’ Retreat?

The Sisters’ Retreat, run by myself and Gilary Massa, creates wellness and arts-based vacation and retreat opportunities for historically marginalized women. The retreats are designed to feel safe and inclusive with an emphasis on holistic well-being and sisterhood. Our last retreat was in Panama where we successfully lead a group of Muslim women through excursions across the country, daily yoga and meditation, and my signature Tales & Tapestries poetry and performance workshop.

What is Tales & Tapestries?

Tales & Tapestries is a heart-centred storytelling series using creative writing & performance to empower Muslim Women towards deepening purpose, passion, and well-being through self-discovery. In the series created and facilitated by renowned Artist-Arts Educator, Timaj Garad, participants will develop creative storytelling skills in poetry, spoken word, narrative-fiction, & theatre, cultivate self-care rituals, connect with amazing Muslimahs, advance holistic wellness goals, and more! Tales & Tapestries is intended to awaken purpose by unearthing fibres within the beautifully complex tapestries of our stories, giving space for a more fuller expression of being, and softening hearts along the way. The 4 principles of Tales & Tapestries are: restore, expand, connect, and open.